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Maine Healing Arts

traditional + medicinal

Find healing through the lens of traditional, holistic medical systems, which help to alleviate chronic and acute pain and injury in the body. 


Experience increased range of motion and flexibility, more freedom of movement, relief of chronic and acute pain, and reduced inflammation.


All treatments at Maine Healing Arts help to bring more body awareness to each individual. Each and every session may vary, just as we experience change each and every day.




139 Cash Street, South Portland, Maine 04106


Telephone - please text when possible

Walk-ins not available at this time. Click to schedule online


Location + Parking
Find Maine Healing Arts amongst other wonderful healers at 139 Cash Street, in South Portland, Maine. Parking is available, please wait in the waiting room when you arrive for your appointment. Don't forget to fill out your health intake form for your first visit.

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